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Land Cruiser

AED: 1,000

  • 2022


  • Petrol

    Fuel Type

  • Automatic


  • 362


  • 7


Rent Land Cruiser In Dubai


  • Very capable off-road
  • Comfortable ride for a large truck-based SUV
  • Commanding view of the road ahead

What’s new

  • Heritage Edition now offers optional third-row seating
  • Part of the sixth Land Cruiser generation introduced for 2008

A nearly six-figure price tag from a mainstream automaker would be shocking to most, but disciples of the Church of Land Cruiser know that the burly SUV earns its prodigious price tag. The 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser employs an old-school body-on-frame construction and a trick suspension setup to deliver exceptional off-road performance. Since so many of its competitors are comfortable, luxury-focused crossovers, the Land Cruiser’s rock-crawling abilities are virtually unmatched in its class.

As you might have surmised, the Land Cruiser will not appeal to every shopper in this exclusive market. It exhibits unrefined on-road manners, with heavy steering, touchy brakes and ponderous handling. Its technology interface also feels behind the times — Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not available — and its sole engine choice is thirsty. But those who embrace off-roading as a way of life probably won’t consider any substitutes.


How does the Land Cruiser drive? The aging Land Cruiser’s on-road performance is average at best. Its brakes are touchy, there’s a lot of nosedive, and the steering is unnaturally heavy. The engine and transmission work fine on the highway, but some drivers might find the accelerator too sensitive at low speeds, and the transmission can get too “shifty” on long grades.

But get it off-road and the Cruiser shines brightly. Its suspension allows for loads of articulation as the Multi-Terrain Select System also seeks out every bit of traction from the ground. Crawl Control keeps the Land Cruiser pushing through soft and rocky terrain. If you want a seriously off-roadable full-size SUV, then this dinosaur may fit the bill.


How comfortable is the Land Cruiser? On the inside, many competitors feature seats with fancy massaging and multi-way adjustability, but the Land Cruiser’s relatively old-school seats still provide all-day comfort. It’s also quiet, which reduces your fatigue on long road trips. The four-zone climate control system works well, though accessing higher-level controls, such as changing the rear-seat settings from the front, requires some menu hopping.

The Land Cruiser rides well on highways and on off-road terrain, but it lacks a more advanced adjustable suspension that would help optimize the ride over more varied conditions, such as hard-edged bumps frequently found in snowy regions or on pothole-ridden roads.


How’s the interior? Most drivers will find the Land Cruiser’s driving position to be comfortable, but those long of leg might wish for a little more telescoping range in the steering wheel. The large door openings and multiple chunky grab handles help people climb in and out, and first- and second-row passengers will find lots of space once they’re inside. The controls are easy to understand, but the centrally located touchscreen will be a bit of a reach for most people.

The large windows allow for generally good visibility, but the third-row seats cut into the rear view when in use. And though the standard surround-view camera has a helpful off-road overlay, its low resolution makes it hard to see fine details.


How’s the tech? The Land Cruiser comes standard with a decent number of advanced driver safety systems. We also like the Land Cruiser’s off-road-oriented tech features, such as Crawl Control. This SUV is a true detective for traction, blowing many other off-road-capable SUVs out of the water. The strong-sounding 14-speaker JBL audio system is another bonus, as is the optional rear-seat entertainment system, which is easy to use.

As for smartphone integration, the Land Cruiser is limited to Bluetooth for audio and phone and USB for music sharing. Most luxury competitors have already graduated to wireless smartphone connectivity from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto — the LC is missing these features entirely. Toyota’s smartphone integration system, Entune, is fiddly to use, though it provides navigation, streaming media and destination-searching support.


How’s the storage? To ensure the Land Cruiser has a decent departure angle, the area behind the third row is small in size. You can stow the third row for more cargo space, but the seats fold up to the sides, making the cargo space narrow and restricting your view. The door pockets are narrow, and wider insulated bottles will be a tough fit. And even though the Land Cruiser is great on the highway, the shallow cupholders might not be sturdy enough to hold your favorite drink. The second-row seatbacks can fold forward and match the height of the third-row seatbacks. But if you have a child safety seat in the second row, it will limit access to the third row.

On the flip side, the Cruiser’s high 8,200-pound towing capacity puts it on par with many full-size trucks. And its split rear hatch provides a handy tailgate that acts as a cargo fence, bench or baby-changing station.

Fuel Economy

How’s the fuel economy? The official EPA estimate is 14 mpg combined (13 city/17 highway), which trails in a segment not known for fuel-sipping. Thanks to its thirsty V8, we averaged an underwhelming 13.2 mpg over 645 miles of city, highway and off-road driving, with tank averages ranging from 10 to 17 mpg.

There’s simply no way to get a large body-on-frame SUV to be fuel-frugal with a big engine. The Land Cruiser can deliver its rated number, but only if you’re light on the throttle.


Is the Land Cruiser a good value? The styling isn’t particularly exciting, but the Land Cruiser is Toyota’s premium SUV and the construction and materials all reinforce that position. Even on the roughest road, you won’t hear a peep out of any of the body panels or suspension parts. But for a similar price, you can get other SUVs that come with much more advanced infotainment systems and fewer trade-offs for off-roadability, such as larger cargo areas and a lower step-in height.

Toyota’s warranty isn’t anything special for its segment, but the brand’s after-care support includes free scheduled maintenance for two years. And though its MSRP is high, when you consider Toyota’s traditionally high retained value, you might come out ahead after three or four years of ownership.


Yes, other SUVs may have an edge in on-road manners or infotainment, but the Land Cruiser is a go-anywhere, take-everyone, do-anything SUV. It’s the original definition of a sport-utility vehicle, and the Land Cruiser name is a heritage brand on its own. Thanks to its torquey and smooth V8 engine, advanced off-road-oriented traction control system and articulation-promoting suspension, the Land Cruiser will get you and your family through snow, mud, gnarly trails, rain and icy roads with comfort and confidence.

Which Land Cruiser does Edmunds recommend?

The Land Cruiser’s two trims are so closely priced, and the Heritage Edition only really differs in its appearance, that the choice comes down to personal taste. From a practical standpoint, the base Land Cruiser is a better value since it costs less and comes with three rows standard. (You’ll have to pay a little extra to get the third row in the Heritage Edition.)

Toyota Land Cruiser models

The 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser is a large three-row luxury SUV sold in two trims: a well-equipped base model and the Heritage Edition, which essentially amounts to an appearance package. All Land Cruisers are powered by a 5.7-liter V8 with 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque. Four-wheel drive is standard, as is an eight-speed automatic transmission. An eight-seat configuration is standard for the base model and optional for the Heritage Edition, which otherwise comes with a two-row, five-seat layout.

The base Land Cruiser is stocked with goodies. Exterior features include:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • LED headlights
  • Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (a decoupling stabilizer bar)
  • Front and rear tow hooks
  • Protective skid plates
  • Trailer hitch with four- and seven-pin connectors
  • Heated and auto-dimming mirrors
  • Sunroof

Inside, the Land Cruiser offers:

  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Four-zone automatic climate control
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Heated second-row seats
  • 9-inch touchscreen
  • 14-speaker JBL audio system
  • Satellite radio
  • Wireless charging pad

The Land Cruiser also comes equipped with a host of advanced driving aids, including:

  • Forward collision mitigation (warns you of an impending collision and applies the brakes in certain scenarios)
  • Lane departure warning (alerts you if the vehicle begins to drift out of its lane)
  • Blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert (warns you if a vehicle is in your blind spot during a lane change or while reversing)
  • Adaptive cruise control (maintains a driver-set distance between the Land Cruiser and the car in front)
  • 360-degree camera system (gives you a top-down view of the Land Cruiser and its surroundings for tight parking situations.

A dual-screen rear-seat entertainment system is optional for the base Land Cruiser only.

Heritage Edition
The Heritage Edition is an appearance trim that adds:

  • Bronze-colored BBS wheels
  • Yakima roof rack
  • Unique grille
  • Dark chrome exterior trim
Basic Information
Vehicle Type SUV
Brand Toyota
Model Toyota Land Cruiser
Model Year 2020, 2021, 2022
Fuel Type Petrol
Technical Specification
Seating Capacity 7
Transmission Type Automatic
Air Conditioner
AntiLock Braking System
Power Steering
Indoor Fireplace
Power Windows
CD Player
Leather Seats
Central Locking
Power Door Locks
Brake Assist
Driver Airbag
Passenger Airbag
Crash Sensor
Engine Check Warning
Automatic Headlamps

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